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Health and fitness is a massive industry and one that is naturally well suited to web marketing. Almost everyone wishes they were healthier, slimmer, sexier, and happier in their own body. That’s why Instagram is so rife with images of people running on the beach in front of stunning sunsets, or doing press ups with attractive people sitting on their backs.

But that’s only one way to reach an audience with your ads. And it takes a long time to build a big following on Instagram in such a competitive niche.

That’s why health and fitness solo ads can be a great alternative. Solo ads are ads sent out to large mailing lists. Say a creator or marketer has spent a long time building a large mailing list, the idea is that you then pay them into sending a message out to that audience on your behalf.

The great thing is that this allows you to ‘leap frog’ the usual process of gradually building that huge list: and as such you can enjoy a much wider audience, much faster.

The best health and fitness solo ads will be the ones that have a large, organic, and targeted following. What does that mean? It means that the list is full of people who want to be there. People with a genuine interest in health and fitness, and who open and read the messages from that creator. Don’t settle for anything less: mailing lists that have been purchased just don’t work the same.

Here at Jade Traffic, we provide health and fitness solo ads with the very best, most targeted audiences. We can write your message for you, or let you manage it yourself. Either way, we guarantee that this is one of the fastest ways to engage with a huge and targeted audience for your brand.


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Jade Traffic is literally just that: One stop for all of your traffic needs.

You need traffic to boost the success of your Internet marketing business. Without it, you won’t be able to succeed. It’s as simple as that.

However, despite everything that you have tried, you just can’t seem to get the traffic that you need to thrive in this highly competitive industry.

Targeted Audience Reach 

With hundreds of thousands of subscribers, Jade Traffic has the audience you need to boost your traffic and your income. With dedicated lists for specific niches, Jade Traffic can take your business to the next level, bringing customers directly to your offer.

Save Time and Frustration

Stop spinning your wheels in frustration at your lack of success online. Take action today and purchase Jade Traffic for your business. You send us the details of your campaign and your ad and leave the rest of the hard work to us. We'll promote your offering to a targeted list, driving traffic to your site.

Easy on Your Marketing Budget

Jade Traffic is a cost-effective option for your marketing budget. You get targeted traffic at a fraction of the cost of launching a complete SEO campaign designed to get more prospects into your funnel. With a cost-per-click basis, you only pay for the traffic that converts on your ad.


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